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These leads are individuals whose contact information has been captured. They are all confirmed to have spent $50-$500 in the last 30 days on business opportunities, products or services. They are our hottest selling leads as they tend to be 10x more likely to complete a transaction on offers! This is because most of these people are already familiar with the business industry and further along in their journey. You simply need to offer them something that creates a solution.

**Absolutely NO refunds or credits** By checking out, you agree to these terms and conditions.**

Serious buyers ONLY. Space is limited. Leads are personally delivered within 48 business hours.

Income guarantees are not made. These leads are purely self-serve leads and the client is responsible for using them to the best of their knowledge.

By purchasing, you agree that leads are to be used immediately and that those aged over an extended period of time are not guaranteed as situations, numbers and desire changes DAILY with prospects. Seller will not held responsible for delay of use. Please use your leads while they are fresh for the best results.

***Buyer is responsible for being able to open a zip/.rar file. This is the ONLY way the leads will be delivered as it's a large file and compressed. In 99%+ of cases where files cannot be open it is due to buyer not having basic & updated software on their PC*** Update your software for free here:

Space is limited.

All leads have opted in to learn more about working from home & are ready for you to call them. USA-based.

All leads include name, phone number and email address.

While you are responsible for utilizing them at your own discretion, I do not encourage uploading them to autoresponders or mass emailing as these type of actions tend to have one blacklisted. These are great to do phone broadcast campaigns, texts and postcards with!

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